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Things To Do : Native American Culture
Superstition Mountain


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No matter where you rest your head in Mesa City Limitless, exploring the region is a top to-do for visitors. Like most major metropolitan areas, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and at Visit Mesa we couldn't agree more. When you add together the neighborhoods of Gilbert, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, and Fort McDowell - Mesa visitors have an endless landscape to explore. If travel at its core is all about discovery then you have it here in City Limitless®.


Queen Creek

The Town of Queen Creek is a growing community with an authentic hometown atmosphere that residents are proud to call home. What's not to love? Better known as “The QC,” the area features an incredible heritage of family farms that welcome visitors all year round. With a variety of attractions offering entertainment for all ages, visitors will experience a unique part of the Valley of the Sun. Mesa's famed Fresh Foodie Agritourism Trail leads visitors straight to the heart of Queen Creek. Queen Creek is home to Schnepf Farms, which has been designated as an “Arizona Treasure,” the ever-popular and Food Network famous Queen Creek Olive MillHayden Flour Mills at Sossaman Farms, The Pork Shop, and Desert Roots Farm - just to name a few. For more than a century now, farmers have held on to tradition and their bounty is a true testament to Arizona's fertile terroir. Cowboys at heart or visitors that want to simply play the part can do so at Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre, where they have changed the definition of spectator sport with the many equine events and competitions that are showcased here.


Apache Trail

Within the shadow of the Superstition Mountains and just east of Mesa lies Apache Junction - the trailhead to adventure along the Historic Apache Trail. Arizona Office of Tourism has named Highway 88 one of the most scenic by-ways in all the Southwest. Apache Junction has a long and colorful past reaching back to every element of the American Southwest: ancient Indian cultures, Spanish explorers, the lure of rich gold mines, and open range for the western cattlemen. Add in the local legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine and the deadly hide & seek between the U.S. Military and the indigenous Apache bands, and you have a place that vibrates with history. Stop in the Superstition Mountain Museum to hear the whole story. While here, no one can overlook the splendors of the unincorporated village of Gold Canyon next door. Once a working cattle ranch bordering the Superstition Wilderness, it is now best known for the world famous Gold Canyon Golf Resort, luxury spas, fine restaurants, lush accommodations and premier golf. The combination of both destinations promise a great Arizona getaway for travelers to Mesa City Limitless.


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