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Looking to taste a local Arizona craft brew or wine grown from the lush Sonoran desert? Arizona's burgeoning wine country has been garnering national attention and in Mesa, wine cafes across the city feature the best from Arizona's desert vines.

At D'Vine Wine Bistro, their mission is to make wine approachable and take the guesswork out of selecting white, red and everything in between.

Postino East Wine Café opened with a splash. Each week, the wine menu features thirty-six unique, approachable wines paired with simple, delicious food with local ingredients. The outdoor patio lounge is the busiest place in town with hipsters and business execs sharing couches and conversation that creates the welcome vibe.

For day trippers out of Mesa, The Windmill Winery offers one of the most unique farm settings near the city. Located in historic Florence, Arizona, you'll find the authenticity of a rural farm, with stone pathways and surrounding mountain views.

Don't miss the newest offering in Downtown Mesa at Desert Eagle Brewery where micro-brewing is an artform; giving the local brewery scene something to talk about. Visit the 4,000-square-foot tasting room to test out their latest brews that range in profiles from pilsners and IPAs to a hearty stout. Or visit Sloan Park's (formerly Cubs Park) new neighbor, The Brass Tap, with over 300 beers stocked, 60 of which are on tap. They have a beer for just about every taste, local to imports; all of them pair well with their signature Samuel Adams Beer Cheese Dip.

Mesa natives, Matt and Greg, were intent on taking their home brewing “research” to the  masses and they hit the spot when they opened B.R.I. brew pub this past year. Short for Beer Research Institute, B.R.I. is craft brewery with a focus on crisp, Belgian-style ales that are hop forward and aggressive. Matching their unique brews (be sure to ask for the Peach Lolly and tell them Visit Mesa sent you), diners will find a menu tailored to their brews including Southern BBQ right from the Pork Shop in nearby Queen Creek. Other standouts include their taco plates and the popular green chili mac-n-cheese (afterall, this is the Southwest). Kick it up a notch and order a side of ‘meat candy’, where the chef offers bacon addicts a unique nosh adding sriracha to their candied bacon recipe. Always keeping it real, the owners feature local farmers and their seasonal fruit in their brews including hometown fave Schnepf Farms.

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