Superstition Mountain
Agritopia Arch


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If you are looking for unique, family entertainment The Dutton's Family Theater is the perfect dinner show for you. This Branson-based performing group, comprised of one immediate family with a lot of individual talent, will keep you on the edge of your seat with unique melodies and visually stunning sets. Visitors can combine their ticket with the theater's exclusive dinner options. Catch one of the award winning shows January through May.

If it's the Wild West you crave, consume a hearty, home-cooked meal while enjoying a show at Barleen's Dinner Show. The act is centered on side-splitting comedy and beautiful musical harmonies. A true Mesa treasure, Rockin R' Ranch, Arizona's Wild West Town, lets visitors feel what it was like to live on a ranch in Arizona's pioneer days. Pony rides, gun fights, and gold panning are just some of the activities accompanying the traditional cowboy BBQ menu.

Lastly, for the nostalgic, there is no other place like Organ Stop Pizza. The mighty Wurlitzer takes the stage here. Built in 1927, its nearly 6000 pipes, numerous percussions, and countless traps are masterfully presented by the restaurant's world-class musicians.


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