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Mesa Art Center South Walkway

重庆时时彩三星组六:Culture Crawl

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Few downtowns have the breadth of arts and cultural experiences as Mesa, Arizona. In fact, when visitors stroll our unique, tucked-away districts that make up the city’s core they don’t realize the residents of Mesa ignited a Quality of Life tax to help provide dedicated funding to the arts and cultural offerings strewn throughout this city – including the renowned Mesa Arts Center. Seek out some inspiration of your own during your visit and embark on a culture crawl through Downtown Mesa. Doing so will have you weaving in and out of quaint enclaves along shaded boulevards and through tree-lined streets. Watch for more than 40 public art sculptures from Humpty Dumpty and a big pink chair and pop into some eclectic art galleries and artist studios. For a complete guide to the Downtown Mesa Sculptures CLICK HERE.

The Big Pink Chair in downtown Mesa sculptures

And, don’t miss the new art installations that line the Metro Light Rail extension through Downtown Mesa. These unique larger-than-life showpieces illustrate the city’s journey and all of them share the same theme, Old Roots and New Growth. Each installation is symbolic of Mesa’s culture and history, with a distinct nod to the future and what’s to come. For more information, you can view the artist statements CLICK HERE.

Downtown Mesa Light Rail


Culture Crawl Suggested Itinerary:

START by anchoring yourself at the intersection of Center and Main Street at the entrance to the largest arts complex in the Southwest – Mesa Arts Center. On this campus you will discover Mesa Contemporary Arts, a five-gallery visual arts complex (with complimentary admission!) and the nucleus of arts creation in the Valley. Enjoy the Shadow Walk, peek into The Store – an artist collective of works and projects all for sale, and absorb the vibe that surrounds this architectural showpiece.

HEAD WEST and you will be a stone’s throw from some of the most renowned museums in the state. The first stop is the Arizona Museum of Natural History. Here, mastodons and dinosaurs roam the halls. The Historical Courtyard shares a detailed history of the state and young would-be miners can pan for gold and have hands-on play at the Paleo Dig Pit.  Three changing exhibition galleries offer a variety of interesting subjects from the natural world.  

SOUTH OF MAIN STREET you will enter a universe of imagination and creativity at i.d.e.a. Museum. Inside is the popular ArtVille, an experiential play place is designed for young crawlers to curious toddlers. Designed to cultivate awareness of color, line, shape and texture the larger-than-life crayons, paintbrushes and glitter glue and soft play pads are great for indoor entertainment. 


See listings for complete details and businesses that make up the arts and cultural offerings in Mesa.

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