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Located just North of Downtown Mesa, Hohokam Stadium and Fitch Park share a long history in Cactus League baseball.

Oakland As Homeplate 2 1096x345

In 1977 the A's opened the then newly built Hohokam Stadium. In 2015, the A's returned to Hohokam, this time with a renovated state of the art facility in the heart of Mesa. Athletics fans can enjoy one of the newest renovated stadiums in the Cactus League, with new upgrades such as the brand new HD scoreboard display and new seating areas to make watching a game at Hohokam an experience like no other. Additional improvements include the exterior and entrance gates branded to match the Oakland A's green and gold color scheme. 

Hohokam Stadium - Oakland A  


Hohokam and Fitch Park are the sites for the City of Mesas baseball fields and training facilities, with the centerpiece being Dwight W. Patterson Field at Hohokam Park, the former spring training home of the Chicago Cubs.

Major league baseball first came to Mesa for spring training in 1952, when the Cubs set up camp at Rendezvous Park. That park was razed in 1976, replaced by a new stadium at Hohokam Park. That facility, in turn, was demolished in 1996, and was replaced by a new and enlarged stadium and training facility which opened in February 1997.

Supplemental training facilities at Fitch Park also were rebuilt in 2015 including four practice fields, one practice infield, and a new 25,000-square-foot clubhouse.

Hohokam Park is located at 1235 N. Center St., between Brown and McKellips roads in northwest Mesa. Fitch Park is located less than one mile south, at the corner of Center and 6th Streets.

For more information about the stadium and practice fields, visit www.hohokamstadium.com


Hohokam Stadium - Oakland A's seating chart

Hohokam Stadium - Oakland A

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